War on perfection

photo taken while passing Tunel town in Poland actually passing under the town through the tunnel 


This is a presentation of my view on Art Photography. In general I call it "War on Perfection" but every show has its battle name. This is a battle of iPhotography what translates to photos taken by iPhone. More will come...
So, what am I doing here? I capture the essence of our vision, the way we see the world, and try to freeze the colors the movement and emotion connected to it.
Now why I call it War on perfection:I am sick and tired of perfection. In this case "Perfect photographs" Do You remember Hollywood movie when Michael Douglas ask the question "What is wrong with this picture?" while holding burger in his hand and comparing it with the picture above the cashier? My answer to that: "Everything", yes everything is wrong, we don't have any more photographs showing the world which surround us. Everything must be PERFECT even a burger. So I decided to make shots which you may connect with pictures in your memory, something what you can feel and see. As we know it isn't perfect. Can we have more light then the sun is giving us? Yes we can, but I don't want it, let me use what we have. Can we have more pixels in this file? Yes we can, but I don't want it, I leave it to the people who must photograph burgers.

photo taken right before very heavy rain 
i więcej ....